On the Goodness of God

I have felt pain—
Pain that brought tears to the eyes
Pain so severe
That had it lasted longer than an instant
Unconsciousness mercifully would have delivered me.

I have known pain—
Pain that came day after day
Pain so heavy
That the weight of it forced a slowness to my step
And caused the simplest of tasks to seem impossible.

But I have a great God—
God heard the prayers on my behalf
And chose to answer by taking my pain clean away
He healed all my infirmities, but what is more—
He forgave me all my sins!

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Black Hole

that’s it! i have had enough! i’ll show my mom and dad who’s boss
they’re way too strict and obsolete – who do they think they are
they have no right to choose my friends or tell me what to do
no rock music? no booze? no cigarettes? no sex? no way!
the parties, the games, the dope, the guys, the sex,
they get what they want and i get what’s theirs
the fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, it never ends
billy has the weed, rob has money
don has a t-bird, mike has a jag
no control – help! i can’t stop
i pick up others at parties
no limits – no curfew
no rules. just a trip
to the doctor
every three


TBT, January 14, 2002 ~ We took in a young woman to get her out of a bad situation. I’m very concerned about her and the “occupational hazards” of her lifestyle, but sadly she isn’t ready to let go.

Copyright © 2017 Abigail Griffin – All Rights Reserved

Now I Lay Me Down

Now I lay me down to weep.
I pray Thee, Lord, to help me sleep.
But if I cry all through the night,
I pray Thee, Lord, please hold me tight.

TBT 1990
© 2017 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved