Fly Away with You

Funny how only yesterday
I walked this path alone
And unaware
Of you
But you came alongside and changed my world
For good.
You gave me wings
And taught me how to fly
And someday soon, when I am strong
I’ll mount up high and fly away with you.

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[Double Acrostic]

Like an anchor holding fast within a squall
One who cherishes your friendship as you do
Your companion through both grief and joy
Always willing to look past your faults with gracious myopia
Listener more than talker, good one to help keep your head level
Trusted friend who knows you at your worst and best
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Unfailing Love

What they want they take, any way they can get it. Where do they learn this? Some of them, sadly, from their parents, who have shed the responsibility of marriage, home, and children for another “lifestyle,” another partner, another career, another bid for the happiness that will always elude them. If a mother or father, by behavior, says in effect, “It’s my life, this is what I want, the rest of you be damned,” their children will follow suit. Who shows them another way?

It would be foolish to deny that there are some pleasures along that road. There is plenty of what people call fun. There are thrills, gratifications, “experiences.”

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