The Year of Patience — Kimberlee K.

As my final wrap-up post for 2017, I want to talk about my word of the year. As mentioned in this post, each January my mom, sister and I seek a faith-based word to focus on for the upcoming year. In 2016, my word was “give” and this past year my word was “patience.” Ouch, […]

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Challenge Accepted (curated)

Hello Friends, Yesterday I took to Twitter and asked my followers to give me just one word and I will attempt to write a poem that includes said word. I have been given a lot of great words to work with so far. As of tomorrow, I shall be attempting to write one poem per […]

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After seeing this post of Sara’s, I decided to go over to Facebook and pose the same query to my friends, asking them for one-word writing prompts. After all, what better way is there to help our friends connect with our writing than to give them a role in the creative process? The poems I write from these prompts will be featured on Thursdays.

Count Your Blessings

Why worry? Why ruminate

On what could have been,

When we can celebrate the beauty and the bounty of all that we behold.


With fragile threads we weave our stories

Try to fasten our futures on to what we hold dear

We take so much for granted, and we often fear


The void, the loss, the loneliness, the finite ending.

We should instead let our spirits soar and hold this beautiful moment

In our memory for eternity.


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Mind the Gap

© 2018 Lynn Abbott Last autumn, I celebrated the miracle of life. No, I’m not talking about a tribute to the Right-to-Life Movement, or even about the birth of a child. I celebrated my ongoing existence. . . You see, it’s a miracle that after 32 years, my husband and I haven’t murdered one another. […]

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I’ve experienced several partings recently… one just this morning….


And then you felt it,

the sweet ache of Parting…

and you held on to the memories a little closer,

Like draping a blanket of comfort on your heart,

until you met again…

poetry and image copyright neha 2018

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Make Me Yours Again

A universal need stated with a simplicity that lets the yearning shine through. Anyone who doesn’t want this is dead.

Midwest Fantasy Writes

Make meMake me yours again.

Make me the object of everything you ever wanted.

Make me weak in the knees, wanting to fall at your feet.

Make me feel like this body is a garden you will tend with perfect care.

Make me safe being by my side as we walk into the night.

Make me know you are proud because I am by your side.

Make me smile into your face because your arms are around me.

Make me giggle because you twirl me with the beat of some silly song.

Make me brave as you cheer me on for some new adventure.

Make me warm on the couch cuz you just want to cuddle.

Make me laugh in the morning because you come out and sing me a song.

Make me dance by playing my favorite music even if it’s not yours.

Make me drunk with words that profess…

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Haiku Horizons prompt “ocean”

Pretty soon I’ll write a new Haiku, but first I wanted to invite my readers to join me in the challenge.

Haiku Horizons

Welcome to week 197 of Haiku Horizons! This prompt for this week is “ocean“. Haiku Horizons will provide a haiku prompt each Sunday. Write a haiku based on the prompt and link to your post by clicking on the image below. For additional details, read the About page. To offer prompt suggestions, click on the “Prompts” tab. Enjoy!

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